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International Laser Systems has been specializing in laser marking, etching and engraving since 1994.

Located at 362 Race Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts in a 10,000 square foot company-owned facility, ILS is totally protected by a fully secured intrusion system. Our friendly, responsive team has over 20 years of combined experience in laser research, laser applications, and laser systems.

ILS offers pre- and post-processing services, such as part cleaning, can design and produce custom fixturing, provides QC inspection, and has large part capability. ILS commits to 24-hour quote response; rapid turnover times and accepts part quantities from single prototypes and short runs to large volume lots.

We have shipping and receiving facilities as well as inventory storage capacity, all within a fully climate controlled environment. ILS also coordinates a convenient parts pickup and delivery schedule.

Laser Systems

4 100 Watt Nd:YAG Laser Engraving Systems
3 CO2 Lasers Engraving Systems
2 60 Watt Nd:YAG Laser Engraving Systems


PW529196 Multi-table pneumatic fixture controller with power focus
Dana Summit – Bandit Controller with XY tables
18” x 32” XY tables with Unidex Controller
Programmable Rotaries on all workstations


Olympus High Power Stereo Microscope
Bausch & Lomb High Power Microscope

Pre-Post Processing

Bead Blast
Buffing Capability
Regular and 2-D Laser Bar Code Generation and Reading

Fixturing Department

3 axis CNC Bridgeport Milling Machine
5 Speed Drill Press
Lathe/Milling Apparatus
Band Saw
Miller MIG welder and Lincoln Stick Welder
2 ton Yale Fork Lift

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